James competes in AMA Pro Vance & Hines XR1200 aboard his No. 229 Ruthless/Deeley Racing Harley-Davidson XR1200.


What is your website address?

What is your Facebook address?

What is your Twitter address?

Ruthless Racing Inc. & Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada

Ruthless Racing Inc.,Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada, Matrix Concepts, Etnies, Dragon, Flexi Glass, Ogio

Best XR
9th place in Indianapolis last year

Best XR Finish Overall:
Canada xr1200 series 2nd place. British superbike series, I ended up 4th in the championship overall. Canada last year I got a couple 2nd place.s, a couple thirds. I ended up 3rd in the championship. Here in the US in Indianapolis my best finish was 9th place

What events are you currently competing in:
The entire AMA Pro Vance and Hines XR1200 series, and then we are doing the entire Canadian Superbike series

Racing Background
Well I was born in a Harley-Davidson Dealership so I have been around Harleys since I was 2 or 3 years old. I started real late, the first time I ever raced was in Austerschlaben in east Germany at a world endurance twins race and after that I was hooked. That was in 2000, I came home quit my work, sold every thing I had, bought a truck and trailer and never looked back.

What’s your typical pre-race meal?
light bowl of healthy cereal, and then I drink a couple Vega’s. Then I eat a few Elevate me bars, I struggle to stay skinny not like these guys you will see around that weigh 120 lbs. I get to starve myself to stay at 170 lbs.
Its tough to eat well on the road.

What is your pre-race OCD behavior?
Everything goes on left. Left sock, the left leg through the underwear, left leg in the riding gear, left foot in the boot, left arm through the sleeve first, left glove on first, and if I fuck it up I’ll strip buck naked and start all over.

What is one of your best racing memories?
One of the newest racing memories that I have that really stands out is at the end of the season in Canada at our national championship final round at mossport.I finished 3rd behind Steve Crevier and Michael Barnes. When I started racing back in 2000 they were both my buddies, 12 years later here I am rubbing elbows, banging bars with them. That was huge for me.
The other one was at Cadwell park in England, I was the fastest and my team mate was jeremy mcwilliams. I was faster than him by 1/1000 sec. so I made him sign this sheet so I had proof!

What motivated you to get started racing?
I have been in a Harley dealership since i can remember, our family has been involved with motorcycle racing. My dad has been involved with Deeley’s for 45 years now. Deeley Harley Davidson Canada is the sole importer and distributor of Harley Davidson motorcycles, parts, accessories and clothing.
Motorcycles and racing are in my blood

What would you be doing if you weren’t a professional motorcycle racer?
I would be working full time at Deeleys Harley Davidson Canada, I work part time right now. 6 months out of the year I run their racing department with their drag racing programs, their flat track programs, and then I do the XR1200 series in Canada.

What else is in your garage?
I have a KTM 530 because I do a lot of endural riding, we go back country riding where I live in British Columbia. I have got a 450 for ice racing, I have got a 450 for dirt, I have got a 150 for training, a 100 for training, then 2 honda 50s for my daughters. My wife has a 250, and then I have got an FL for me to ride, and a night train for the old lady to ride. We are a motorcycle family through and through.

Any advice to the readers dreaming to turn pro?
Have fun, take that risk and just go and do it.

How many hours a week are you on Facebook?
None, that’s my wife. I am a twitter slut.

What are your favorite magazines and websites?
Favorite magazine in Canada would be inside motorcycles, thats our best magazine for racing. Otherwise I am a strong supporter of Road Racing World and superbike planet

Who are your role models?
My father, when i was under 20 I would have answered differently but now that I have grown up and I see what he has accomplished, where he came from and where he has gone. It’s my father hands down.

Beach or mountains?
Mountains. i live in the mountains, 10 minutes from the ski hill.

High Fives or FIst Bump?
Fist bumps

Mac or PC?

Top 3 bands?
Social Distortion
Tragically hip
Beastie boys

Greatest strength?
Seeing the big picture

Most frustrating challenge?
The details, the little things.. the last phone call that you put off for another week.
When your racing you cant be late, you learn that real quick, youve got to be ahead of the game.