Travis Wyman #24

Travis Wyman #24

· 2010- Finishing 2nd overall in the Vance and Hines XR1200 Class.
· 2008- Competing in the AMA US Red Bull Rookies Cup with a best finish of 10th place.


What’s your typical pre-race meal?
A big Sandwich

What is your pre-race OCD behavior?
I’m keeping those to myself ;)

What is one of your best racing memories?
Racing at Indianapolis or Laguna Seca in front of the MotoGP Crowd. My first AMA Podium at VIR last season.

What motivated you to get started racing?
Watching big brother ride his pw50 in the back yard, and growing up watching my parent’s drag race.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a professional motorcycle racer?
I would be a Marine Scientist.

What’s the best thing about being a professional athlete?
The excitement and competition of each race.

What else is in your garage?
2010 Chevy Silverado

Any advice to the readers dreaming to turn pro?
et a goal for each race weekend as well as a long-term goal or where you see yourself in a year or so. Achieving your short-term goals will get you to where you want to be.

How many hours a week are you on Facebook?
Quite a few, but mostly because it’s a great marketing tool

Do you Twitter?
Honestly I have a twitter account, but never post anything. Use it to follow road racing world and On the Throttle during race weekends.

What are your favorite magazines and websites?

Who are your heros?
Travis Pastrana

Beach or mountains?

High Fives or FIst Bump?
High Fives for sure.

iPhone , Blackberry or Android?

Mac or PC?

Top 3 bands?
KiD CuDi, Theory of a DeadMan, Deadmau5

Greatest strength?
Never being satisfied with my ability. Always thinking that I can be better, faster, and stronger.

Most frustrating challenge?

Do you have a website and or Blog?